Green building features help buildings like ours in achieving three fundamental objectives: increasing energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, and improving indoor air quality to provide healthier living for building residents.


  • Double-Pane, Thermally-Efficient Windows
  • Well Insulated Residences with Individually Controlled Fan Coil Units in Every Room
  • Use and Maintenance of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Use of Water Conserving Devices in Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures
  • An Abundance of Natural Light Achieved via Expansive Window Walls with Custom Adjustable Mini-Blinds Provided for All Windows
  • Only Energy Efficient (EnergyStar™ Rated) Appliances are Considered/Purchased by Building Management When Replacement(s) are Necessary.


  • Close Access to NYC Mass Transit (both Subway and Buses) and Connectivity to Existing Community Services.
  • Building-Wide Water Filtration System – all water entering the building from NYC reservoirs is filtered.
  • Use of Energy Efficient Lighting in All Residential Areas as well as Motion Sensor-Controlled Lighting in Amenity Spaces and the Compactor & Recycling Rooms on All Residential Floors to Turn Off Lighting When Areas Are Not in Use.
  • Use of Adjustable Window Blinds and/or Reflective Solar Window Film in Amenity Spaces to Reduce the Impact of Solar Heating.
  • Building Roof and Terrace Areas with Light Colored Pavers and/or Ballast Stone Installed Throughout Providing Natural Insulation for the Building and Reducing Heat Island Effect.
  • NYC Standard Recycling Plus Extra Opportunities for Tenants – Clothing, Linens, Shoes, Batteries, Etc.
  • On-Site Garage & Bicycle Storage
  • Priority Parking Spaces for Hybrid and Fuel Efficient Vehicles as well as the Capability for the Charging of Electric Cars.
  • Purchase/Use of Environmentally-Friendly Products & Services When Choice is Available (Building Management & Maintenance Supplies, Cleaning Products, Etc.).
  • Purchase of Local Products and Materials When Choice is Available